Covid-19 Virtual Reading


Amid COVID-19 spreading through Indiana, schools being out of session until May 1st, and parents who need a break, we need your help! Read to Succeed is starting a collection of videos where we share our volunteers reading a story, much like you would during your R2S time in the classroom.


What we’re asking of you:

  1. Pick a story!
  2. Find a spot to film! (Usually the best lighting comes from sitting facing a window, please try to avoid having a window behind you as it creates a shadow.)
  3. Film your video horizontally!
    i. Make sure to introduce yourself!
    ii. Introduce the book! (Be sure to include the book by title, author, and illustrator)
    iii. Don’t forget to show the students the pictures on each page (if you’re reading a chapter book, disregard)
  4. Send the video to us at using WeTransfer. This may be done on a computer, cell phone, or any device that can connect to the website. Here is a tutorial on how to do this on your computer. The process for doing this on a phone is very similar. 

If you want to do a chapter book, please feel free to send each chapter separately in groups of 1 chapter or 2. If you’d like to view an example feel free to click here!

We look forward to seeing your read-aloud stories!