What is the Vanguard?
The Vanguard is a United Way giving program that recognizes donors of $1,000 or more annually. Most Vanguard donors allot a portion of their donation to support the administrative expenses of the campaign so that all other donors may be certain 100 percent of their gifts go directly to the agencies. Vanguard donors may also choose to direct all or part of their contributions to agency support.

Give a little more....Help a lot more! 

Become a Vanguard, increase your Vanguard level, or pledge to be a Vanguard and you will help the Greater Lafayette community even more! (Vanguard gifts are at least $1,000 annually.)If you are interesed in making a Vanguard gift or have questions about The Vanguard click here to learn more! 


2018 Campaign Contributions: $

Donors: 2,388
Potential Donors: 15,366
Participation: 15.54%
Employee Giving (E-Pledge): $754,123.46
Special Events: $19,882.40

Vanguard Donors: 331
Vanguard Contributions: $468,375.25

Order De Liberte ($25,000)
Tocqueville ($10,000)  - 2
Emerald ($5,000)  - 10
Ruby ($3,500)  - 10
Sapphire ($2,000)  - 90
Topaz ($1,500)  - 47
Pearl ($1,000)  - 149
$750+  - 23