Kindergarten Countdown Camp


WHAT IS Kindergarten Countdown camp?

Kindergarten Countdown Camp is a free four week summer camp. This camp is designed to prepare children with little to no preschool experience for their new roles as kindergarten students. The program piloted at Miller Elementary during the summer of 2011. The camps are taught by licensed, experienced teachers and take place in a school setting. 

This year we will be hosting K-Camp virtually and campers will receive a workbook with activities to complete for each day. In addition, we will have videos from certified teachers with instructions on how to complete their assignment, and other helpful tips! 

The day to pickup your camper's supplies will be on June 29th. This will include the workbook, and a backpack full of school supplies such as pencils, crayons, a folder, and more. We will collect all of the workbooks on July 29th, and your camper's reward for completing their assignments will be books and a t-shirt! Pickup and drop-off location information will be coming soon.




Parents reported their children gained new skills at camp including:

  • Writing their names
  • Learning the alphabet
  • Tracing and cutting lines
  • Socialization skills                         

"I think it’s a wonderful way for students to become more comfortable in the school environment and to make new friends before they come to school.  It gives them that emotional support that will make it a lot easier to transition to a full day kindergarten class." - Kindergarten Countdown Camp teacher

"I feel camp gave parents a better idea of what they can help their children in preparing for Kindergarten such as writing their name, letters/numbers writing, sight words, etc." - Parent of camper