Emerging Leaders United

What is Emerging Leaders United?

ELU is a group of people under the age of 40 who are dedicated to improving the lives of people living in the Greater Lafayette area through our support of United Way's mission and values. We get together to help our community through volunteer work, and we attend events that help us develop professionally. Emerging Leaders is a great way to connect, serve and lead our community!

What is Our Focus?

In the Greater Lafayette area, residents have identified a gap in local services. Our community feels that more needs to be done to support youth development. United Way of Greater Lafayette has heard this concern and will be working with new and existing programs to bridge the gap in services for older youth.

Emerging Leaders step up to meet this growing need. We have decided to help United Way’s efforts by focusing on youth development at the middle and high school levels through our service activities such as ELU Career Coaches, a partnership with Tecumseh Middle School.

What's Happening?

In 2019 we will be offering a Professional Development Speaker Series, which will take place once a month for ten months. This series is designed to improve your leadership skills, as well as introduce you to the professionals, businesses and events that are right here in our own community. More information on this Speaker Series will follow in the coming months.

What Do I Do?

To stay up-to-date on Emerging Leaders United, you can click here to join our Facebook group or you can email emergingleadersunitedlaf@gmail.com to ask any questions that you may have.