Campaign Update Meeting

United Way of Greater Lafayette Holds Public 2017 Campaign Update Meeting


United Way Campaign cabinet volunteers and staff thank Greater Lafayette community as they reach 53 percent of goal; raising $2,780,616 towards the $5,250,000 Campaign goal.


Lafayette, Ind. – Campaign volunteers and community members gathered today at the United Way of Greater Lafayette’s office to hear reports of progress toward the 2017 campaign goal. With four weeks left of campaign, United Way has reached 53% of the $5.25 million goal. While volunteer campaign cabinet members were fired up about progress so far, they were reminded to stay diligent as work continues. Dr. Robert Hagen, surgeon at Lafayette Orthopaedics and 2017 United Way Campaign Chair, lead the meeting.


“The success of our campaign so far is very much like the recent success of the Purdue football team. Everyone working together to accomplish incredible goals. Only halfway there with much more work to be done. We are three and three with six more to go. I know we can do it!” Dr. Robert Hagen, said.


The campaign cabinet has spent much of their time traveling  from company to company, visiting with CEOs, explaining United Way’s  impact on the community and how they can get involved. This year the cabinet was also busy visiting principals of local schools as well as deans at  Purdue University.


This year, the campaign theme “United We Fight, United We Win” asks the community “What do you fight for?” Guest speaker, Chad Edwards shared his answer during the meeting. Chad Edwards, a Lafayette Jefferson High School teacher, freshman football and track coach, shared the microphone with Lafayette Jeff student athlete Jacob Barron. Edwards offered his perspective on why the work of United Way is important in the community.  “When people give money to United Way… they are not throwing money to just buy a basketball. They are not paying for brick and mortar. They are investing in young people and their future…from cradle to career.”


Edwards shared the list of the activities that Barron is currently involved in at Jeff High school such as football, wrestling, track & field and the show choir First Edition. He stated that Barron is a model student athlete and leads on the field in the classroom. The two have shared conversations about the impact that United Way programming has had on Barron.  “He tried to convince me that he used to be a bad kid. But as I tell a lot of kids who feel thisway--there aren’t bad kids. There are kids who are in circumstances that maybe made bad choices” said Edwards.  Barron credits United Way partner agencies with giving him options to stay out trouble. and stay healthy.


Barron, discussed the  role that United Way has played in his life including healthcare services provided at Riggs Community Health Center, afterschool programs at the Boys & Girls Club, athletic programs at the YMCA, and developing foundational friendships at Hanna Community Center.  Each entity played a role in his life at different times.

“I started going to the Boys & Girls Club when I was around 7 years old because that’s when they allow you to. They taught me a lot of basic stuff…communication skills, how to talk to people, how to read and write, how to speak properly to people so that they can actually understand what you are saying. I had big speech problem when I was little,” said Barron.


He talked about the relationships that he built with other students in these programs that have carried over to high school and credits the recent success of his football team to communication skills that they learned and children.  “Most of the friends that I have today, I grew up with them. The bond on our football team comes from that.”


Dollars raised during the campaign fund community partners and initiatives that support work along the cradle to career continuum. In pursuit of the $5,250,000 goal, the United Way will continue to provide funding for its current  partner organizations and examine ways in which it can expand its work to continuously improve lives in Greater Lafayette.


United Way CEO, Michael Budd,  discussed the campaign progress and the impact of its success on the community. “ United Way is looking to expand its work along the Cradle to Career Continuum and is especially interested in increasing efforts surrounding community challenges in the mental health arena. The campaign results we’ve seen so far are positive. We have a little way to go, but forward to announcing the results on November 16th. “

United Way staff and volunteers express gratitude towards all donors at every level and shared an opportunity for new or increased donations. For more information or to make a pledge, please visit


United Way of Greater Lafayette extends gratitude to its corporate sponsors who underwrite campaign events and give above and beyond their usual campaign contributions including:


·       The Journal & Courier

·       Neuhoff Media

·       WLFI TV-18



Campaign Progress by Division

                        Purdue University                                                       $557,102

                                            Commerce                                                                  $422,142                    

         Contractor/Tippecanoe Building Trades                     $19,722         

Health Services                                                          $75,700

Industry & Union                                                  $1,468,453

Professional                                                                $55,661

Public Service                                                             $80,644

  Special Gifts                                                               $101,187

Westminster Village Residents                                   $27,916


                                                                 Total:               $2,780,616

                                Percentage to Goal:                53%



About United Way of Greater Lafayette: United Way of Greater Lafayette is on a mission to empower every person in this community to find their path to success from Cradle to Career.  At United Way, we are more than fundraisers, we are the hand-raisers.  We look for the community’s toughest challenges and bring people together to develop long-lasting impactful solutions. We believe that everyone can play a role in impacting the community.  United we win!