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Volunteer Leadership

Volunteers make our work possible, and we are fortunate to work with many qualified and creative professionals who make invaluable contributions of their time.

2016 Volunteer Leadership

Audit & Finance Committee

Treasurer: Rita Smith, Chief Financial Planner at First MerchantsTrust Company

The Audit and Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial management of United Way of Greater Lafayette.  The committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding matters involving the accounting, auditing, financial reporting, internal control, investment, and compliance functions of United Way.  The Audit and Finance Committee oversees the execution of subsequent decisions related to recommendations approved by the Board.  The committee provides advice and counsel to the CEO and Finance Director when appropriate.


Board of Directors

Chair: Erika Steuterman, Major General, USAF (Ret.) 

The Board of Directors consists of between 17 and 21 elected directors and as many as 8 ex-officio directors who are charged with the fiduciary oversight, governance and leadership of the organization.  Directors are recruited to represent the community and to lead the organization to best improve lives in our community.  The Board is also responsible for the policies of the organization and holds the CEO accountable for upholding these policies as well as for managing the organization.

The Executive Committee of the Board consists of the officers of the corporation (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, and CEO) and two (2) Board members appointed by the President of the Board.  The Executive Committee serves as the organization’s personnel and strategic planning committee and provides consultation and direction to the CEO and Board.  It is also authorized to act on the Board’s behalf when pending Board ratification of committee decisions.

The Board of Directors normally meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.  The Executive Committee usually meets on the second Monday of the month.  Meetings are chaired by the President and staffed by the CEO.  All meetings are open to the public except when in executive session.


Campaign Cabinet

Chair: Maryann Santos, Dean, College of Education at Purdue University

Starting with one individual appointed by the President of the Board as "Campaign Chair" for the year, the Campaign Cabinet is formed to lead ten divisions of the campaign. When the fall campaign concludes, funds raised are invested in proven, effective programs that help improve lives in Greater Lafayette.


Community Investment Committee

Chair: Tom Murtaugh, Tippecanoe County Commissioner

The Community Investment Committee (CIC) is a citizen review team made up of informed volunteers to oversee the investment of community resources raised from the United Way campaign into our participating organizations according to a Board approved process that balances financial oversight with social return on investment.  Volunteers are recruited from business, public, human services and relevant sectors to serve as members of the CIC.  The committee is active the first half of the year culminating in a recommendation for funding from which the Board builds the campaign goal.  The committee is divided into three panels, each associated with one of United Way’s impact areas of Education, Income and Health.  Each panel reviews a select group of agencies that roughly fit in that impact area.  The panel structure allows for more thorough review by committee members.


Labor Participation Committee
Chair: Perry Schnarr, retired from Oerlikon Fairfield and UAW Local #2317

The mission of this committee is to help make United Way's annual fundraising campaign a success. This is accomplished by involving organized labor in a variety of educational and promotional efforts. This committee is made up primarily of representatives from industry, building trades and public service unions. The LPC's objectives, goals and activities are oriented towards increasing labor involvement with United Way. Three subcommittees are engaged in this effort including Campaign, Education, and Events work groups. The LPC meets on the second Thursday evening of each month from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. at United Way of Greater Lafayette.

Public Relations & Marketing Committee
Chair: Brenda S. Wallar, Director of Stewardship at -Purdue University

The Public Relations & Marketing Committee is charged with telling United Way of Greater Lafayette's story creatively and cohesively across various media channels throughout the entire year.