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Labor Relations

What is Peer/Union Counseling Program?

The Peer/Union Counseling Program teaches interested persons about the human service programs available in our community and how to use them. Participants will learn how to listen and communicate with others, evaluate problems, and make referrals to community agencies where assistance is available.

Who is invited to take the training courses?

EVERYONE is invited to take this program that is offered in partnership between the Lafayette Chapter of Northern Indiana Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO and the United Way of Greater Lafayette! Do you have a desire to help others? If so, come out and join us! Our first class will be held on:
February 1, 2017
6-9 pm
IBEW Local #668
2535 S. 30th Street
Lafayette, IN
Preregistration is required. Cost of this 10 week class is $50 which includes all materials and a ticket to the graduation banquet which will be held on Friday, April 21, 2017. To register, click here.

What areas of human services are covered?

Classes may cover, but are not limited to the following topics: Advocacy & Change, Peer Referral & Listening, Personal and Family Counseling, Emergency Services (housing, food & utilities), Homeless Services, Domestic/Family Violence, Job Loss & Search Programs, Adult Education, Financial, Budget & Credit, Emergency Preparedness, Legal Programs & Services, Foreclosure Prevention/Programs and Rights, State Assistance/Food, Rehabilitation Drug/Alcohol Programs, Poverty Simulation Workshop.

What if I have more questions about the program or the banquet? 

If you have any questions about the program, please call Earl Cox at (765) 742-9077 ext. 231. You can also find the program information sheet here.